The Entente Cordiale Scholarship Scheme is a prestigious bi-lateral awards scheme that funds French postgraduate students who want to study in the UK, and British students who want to study in France. Funded by the private sector in both countries the scheme provides scholarships for about 20 French and British students each year.

From the Ambassador to the donator alumni

"Mon départ de la France approche : je la quitterai avec beaucoup de bons souvenirs et voudrais saisir cette occasion de vous souligner que rencontrer les boursiers du programme Entente Cordiale m’a été un plaisir.

Ces derniers mois, les étudiants boursiers d’Entente Cordiale 2011 ont commencé leur année universitaire outre-Manche.

Je tiens à vous remercier chaleureusement pour votre engagement et votre soutien. En effet cette année, à l’occasion des 15 ans de la bourse Entente Cordiale, nous avons franchi une étape décisive de notre histoire. Grâce au don de plus de 40 anciens boursiers, dont vous faîtes partie, nous avons créé une Bourse des Anciens.

Comme en témoignent les nouveaux boursiers, l’Entente Cordiale a rendu possible de nouveaux projets et ouvert de nouvelles voies :

Je vous souligne notre gratitude pour votre fidélité au programme. La Bourses des Anciens est le symbole de l’action collective qui a pris naissance cette année et qui ne demande qu’à s’amplifier. A cet effet, je vous rappelle que vous avez le droit à une réduction fiscale en 2012 pour tout don payé avant le 31 décembre 2011.

Ainsi, il ne nous reste plus qu’à souhaiter « longue vie » à la Bourse des Anciens, en espérant que vous continuez à soutenir les rencontres Entente Cordiale et bien entendu aussi, notre tout nouveau site web!

Entente-Cordialement vôtre"

Sir Peter Westmacott, HM Ambassador to the French Republic


Conference by Lord Patten at the British Ambassador's Residence

Wed. Jan. 01 2014

“Old neighbours, new world: France and Britain confront the 21st century”

The year 2014 marks the 200th anniversary of the purchase of the British Ambassador’s Residence in Paris by the Duke of Wellington from Pauline Borghese, Napoleon’s sister, in 1814. On November 28, Lord Patten, Chancellor of the University of Oxford, kicked off a year of celebrations by speaking about the challenges that France and Britain must confront together in the 21st century.

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Thu. Jan. 10 2013

Nathan Boublil, Entente Cordiale scholar 2012-2013, and his team won the prestigious prizes of Best new Startup in Cambridge, followed by the Grand Prize for the UK, four days later at Google UK, for their internet platform ProjectPolicy.org.

ProjectPolicy is a data aggregator allowing both public and private organisations to visualise a vast number of economic, political and regulatory data on a single platform.

These two prizes were part of the Silicon Valley comes to UK 2012 and Global Entrepreneurship Week. Google, sponsor of the events, chose to reward the ProjectPolicy team by inviting them to Silicon valley in January to present their prototype.

Alambic, the systemic, open, and sustainable innovation think tank

Mon. Oct. 01 2012

Alambic was founded in 2012 by two scientists. As a think tank, it is devoted to formulating policy solutions based on systemic, open, and sustainable innovation.

Alambic is different from most other think tanks in that it has developed a specific expertise in the areas of research and innovation.

Active members of Alambic are personally involved in innovation ecosystems. They are faculty members at prestigious universities, strategists in the private sector, etc.

However, Alambic’s future is yet to be defined… All members of the Entente Cordiale community are invited to join us and take part in our future projects!

Thomas Gauthier (EC 2008-9)
Founder and President